«We have no time for fashion trends that prove to be only short-term solutions.»

«It’s easy to build a house with 100 random details. However, if you only rely on 10 details as we do, then each one must be perfect.»

«For us, quality of life in the city includes the development of new forms of housing and new ways of mixing life and work.»

«Architecture subsists on light and shade, depth, edges and reliefs. Without a clear expression of these elements, conceptual architecture is impossible.»

«When centuries-old buildings are brought into the present properly, the result is modern and timeless architecture.»

«For us, developing a historical site means the transformation of what exists and the creation of something new, all without the betrayal of its history.»

«Being modern is no excuse to ignore history. With an awareness of the past, old and new form a harmonious alliance.»

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