Haus Bergfrieden
Außenansicht Alt- und Neubau
Seitliche Ansicht Neubau
Außenansicht verglaster Verbindungsflur zwischen Alt- und Neubau
Blick durch den verglasten Verbindungsflur in den Altbau
Innenraum Neubau

Haus Bergfrieden

Location CH-7247 Saas im Prättigau
Clientprivate Bauherrenschaft
Building period2003–2009
VolumeGFA 100m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

The Haus Bergfrieden chalet is a “circular-knit construction” dating back to the 1930s. An existing annex was replaced by a new separate addition, which is connected to the older building on one floor level. As a result, the original form of the chalet has been restored.

The cubic construction picks up on the theme of circular-knit construction in a highly abstracted form and transforms the classic style elements into a modern design vocabulary. The unity of the structure’s two parts is enhanced by the dark colour scheme, as well as by the roof shape of the new addition.

The Haus Bergfrieden extension was awarded the Prix Lignum 2012 by the Federal Office for the Environment (CH).

Photography: Ralph Feiner