Blick in das Ensemble


Das Hochhausensemble an der Hagenholzstraße in Zürich wurde 2015 mit dem International Award Architecture in Stone ausgezeichnet.

Begründung der Jury:
The Hagenholzstrasse group of buildings by Max Dudler, among the various projects and achievements for the “Zurich Metro”, West-Zürich and North-Zürich zones, is one the very few interventions that, thanks to the shape of the urban typology, is a clear expression of urban planning. It is as if the archetypal form of the stone, as a cut block and a geometric cube, determined the architecture in a linear and direct composition that goes from the smallest details up to the complete figure. The quality of the Hagenholzstrasse complex is to be found precisely in this choice of elementary forms that are in continuity with the intrinsic character of their material.