Ansicht vom Platz
Ansicht vom Bahnsteig


LocationCity Centre Bergisch Gladbach
ClientStadt Bergisch Gladbach
ProcedureCompetition 2019, Recognition

With a tower at each ends of a clearly defined building structure, the new townhall in Bergisch Gladbach forms an exciting introductory entrance to the town. This urban planning intervention has grasped as urban space this area that up till now had remained unfocussed  and has lent it its identity and significance as a place of arrival. With its emblematic effect, the building marks the entrance to the city for those arriving from elsewhere and gives it an identity. At the same time, as a basic point of contact for the citizens of Bergisch Gladbach, it becomes a central place and thus a utilised and lively centre of the city. The railway, which until now had ended in a “No Man’s Land”, are now embraced by the angled cubature of the new building. The former platforms, including the planned green areas and a new square in the corner of the building, will become a part of the public space in the city centre. The tallest point at the end of the rail tracks acts as a hinge between the station, as a place of arrival, and the centre of Bergisch Gladbach. A passageway through the building mediates between Jakobstrasse to the north and the newly created town square to the south. Thus, the new building also becomes an active and invigorating part of the everyday pathways between the inner city and the northern sector.