Children and Youth Theatre

Children and Youth Theatre

LocationD-89073 Ulm
ClientCity of Ulm
ProcedureCompetition 2020, 1st prize

The design complements the Ulm Theater with the new construction of a children‘s and youth theater and extends the areas of the existing theater. The cubature of the new building is composed of two volumes, separated and connected by a joint. As an urban ensemble of existing and new buildings, the architecture reflects the identity of the two theaters and and at the same time unites them in a common building. In the center of the design, both theaters open up widely into a roof garden, turning the characteristic joint of the architecture into a space of encounter. With its multi-layered roof structure, the striking joint and the clear interplay of closed and open facade parts, the new building component develops the character of an abstract monolithic sculpture. In the step-by-step approach to the building, the expressiveness of the material and the detailed richness of the façade can be experienced. The joining of the light-colored brick creates a woven façade surface, forming an echo of the curtain as a central element of the stage production. Like a veil that is both veiling and revealing, the façade opens up at various points as a perforated wall, thus mediating between inside and outside and providing selected insights into the theater events.