Backstage-building Waldbühne
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Backstage-building Waldbühne

LocationMurellenweg, D-14052 Berlin
ClientCTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA
Building period2017–2018
VolumeGFA: 859 m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

The new addition to Berlin’s Waldbühne provides the famous event location with a backstage area befitting an arena that hosts the world’s stars. Max Dudler transformed the typology of the ancient temple into a surprisingly modern, radically minimalist form. This reference to the temple establishes a connotation with the antique architecture of the Waldbühne, while at the same time the architecture is embedded into the protected natural space in an almost classic way. The new building blends harmoniously into the outdoor heritage site with its amphitheatre stage. Positioned out of sight of the auditorium, it lies like a pavilion in a small woodland glade, northeast of the Waldbühne at the foot of a slope. On both sides, two-storey colonnades open up the house to the woodland and provide a sheltered outdoor anteroom to it. The anthracite-black building with its strict geometric lines unfolds its full impact in the evening, illuminated by the narrow, flush-mounted light strips, which are integrated into the façade columns.