Leipziger Stadtwerke
Platz vor dem neuen Gebäude

Leipziger Stadtwerke

ClientStadtwerke Leipzig GmbH
ProcedureCompetition, 3rd Prize

For the new corporate headquarters of the Leipziger Stadtwerke, a campus-type location has been developed that, thanks to its open, networked architecture with its diverse locations, invites to communicate while at the same time offering space for individuality and tranquility. Together with the existing building, three structures with differentiated volumes form an urban square that connects the buildings to each other and, at the same time, to the surrounding Campus Südost via the resulting paths. The rectangular, monolithic buildings with their staggered heights form an interesting, dynamic urban figure with attractive urban panoramas. With their common material and the common expression of their facades as well as their ground floor zones that reflect one another, the buildings underline the ensemble character of the architecture. The interplay of old and new architectural styles unites the different eras of the company’s history, thus conferring identity upon the square in the centre of the campus. The three new buildings reflect the historical buildings, pick up selected features and translate them into a contemporary language. At the same time, their timeless architecture marks the company’s path into the future.