Seminar building 1 - JLU Giessen

Seminar building 1 - JLU Giessen

LocationRathenaustraße, D-35394 Giessen
ClientLand Hessen vertr. d. Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen (LBIH)
Building periodPlanning Stage
ProcedureCompetition, 1st Prize

With its precise geometric language and monolithic form, Seminar Building I will be a defining part of the new centre of the future philosophy campus area of the Justus-Liebig University Giessen. The rational, clearly structured façade radiates calm and by utilising large openings, allows the multi-layered and open-plan design of the seminar building’s interior to be reflected to the outside. The highly visible support structure inside reflects the clarity and stringency of the façade and becomes a defining element of its spatial character. Starting from the main entrance on the campus forecourt, the building’s interior emerges as a spatial landscape that opens into the various seminar areas. The spatial continuum, flowing over several floors, creates resting/working areas with different attributes. In this way the new building becomes a place of encounters and communication as well as a space for concentrated work. A multifunctional foyer with a ceiling height of two storeys leads into the heart of the building on the first floor. The central room is an open working area for students and a communicative hub on the route network to the seminar rooms.