Ansicht Holzbau mit Bestand
Außenansicht Holzbau und Bestand


LocationRoedernallee 184, 13407 Berlin
ClientAEIOU 110. GmbH
Building periodPlanning Stage
VolumeGFA: 29.407m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

Urban life will soon return to this former goods yard in the north of Berlin, where a new complex will take its cue from the surviving main hall on Roedernallee. The brick architecture built in historical style around 1900 will be refurbished and joined by three new volumes with straight timber façades. The old and new buildings will communicate through their natural materials and the regular structure of the new façades will bring tranquillity to the variegated surroundings. The urban silhouette created by an interplay of staggered cubatures will acknowledge Lindenauer Allee to the south and signal the emerging location from afar. A common two-storey plinth with a clinker façade will extend the full length of the site, connecting the three new volumes. The new blocks will alternate with two new public squares, while ground-level arcades liaise with the interiors. Close to the garden monument at Kienhorstpark and well served by local light rail, the mixed-use quarter will feature two office blocks and a hotel. The original building will be used for event catering.