Baakenhafen Quarter
Gasse mit Blick zur Elbe
Ansicht Klinkerfassade

Baakenhafen Quarter

LocationBaakenhafen, D-20457 Hamburg
ClientRichard Ditting GmbH & Co KG
Building period2018-21
VolumeGFA 5.400 m²
ProcedureCompetition, 2nd prize

The eastern end of the Baakenhafen closest to the city center will become an integral part of Hamburg’s HafenCity over the next few years. The diverse, mixed neighborhood begins at Lola-Rogge-Platz, the lively heart of the new “Quartier der Generationen”. In the so-called Neighborhood of the Generations all the important functions, such as retail and other amenities, are to be found. After winning second prize in the design competition, Max Dudler was commissioned to share in the planning of the Baakenhafen Site 91 development with responsibility for houses one and six. The design comprises a coherent spatial sculpture of six individual buildings all linked at ground-floor level. Executed entirely in brick, the development has the clear look of an urban ensemble. Nuances in the color and format of the brick reinforce the sculptural effect of the design. The River Elbe and the shipping that is a dominant feature of the location served as inspiration for the horizontal dynamic of the façade with its horizontal bands, joints, and layering. Houses one and six will contain a total of sixty-four apartments, providing housing for families and seniors as well as assisted living residences, allowing people to remain in their own homes well into old age. The apartments are publically subsidized with controlled rents.