Liesel Quartier
Gasse durch Quartier

Liesel Quartier

LocationD-37083 Göttingen
ClientWERTGRUND Wohnpartner
Building periodPlanning Stage
VolumeGFA: 29.015 m²
ProcedureStudy/ Direct Comission

This residential quintet, designed by Max Dudler, is part of the new Liesel Quartier in Göttingen. The five new buildings are arranged to form an ensemble. Three of the structures with elongated forms sit along Breslauer Strasse and Wörthstrasse, and create a block-style arrangement set protectively around the two buildings towards the interior. The orthogonal forms of these blocks are accentuated by the slight elevation of the building heads. Varying heights and setbacks lend the pair of volumes at the center of the quarter a sculptural quality. Opening up between the buildings in this car-free zone is space for a green network of public paths and squares. Additionally, all apartments benefit from private outdoor spaces consisting of loggias, balconies, and terraces, which further enliven the urban environment. Two façade types are used within the ensemble, with their material and coloration selected so as to forge a harmonious dialogue between the building fronts. As a unifying element, a monolithic pedestal pulls the buildings together visually, equalizing differences that exist in the topography of the complex. In addition to privately financed units, the quarter offers a mix of socially subsidized, moderately priced, and rent-controlled options, and is supplemented by a daycare facility.