Regional Administrative Centre
Ansicht Erweiterungsbau Eckgebäude
Außenbereich der Mensa
Außenansicht der Mensa
Innenansicht der Mensa möbliert mit dem Stühlen und Tischen, entworfen von Max Dudler

Regional Administrative Centre

LocationTramper Chaussee, D-16225 Eberswalde
ClientMinisterium der Finanzen, represented by BLB Land Brandenburg
Building period1997–2007
VolumeExtension: GFA 33,000 m² Canteen: GFA 500 m²
ProcedureExtension: VOF Procedure, follow-up commissions Canteen: Direct commission

The former Eberswalde barracks have been converted and extended to become the Regional Administrative Centre, containing the Office of the Chief of Police, the Regional Criminal Police Headquarters and the State and Regional School Authorities. A handful of simple principles formed the conceptual underpinning to redefine the ensemble. The materiality of all the new-build sections creates a formal distinction that sets them apart from the older structures. The low-lying connecting buildings added to the complex alternate rhythmically with the existing buildings, which have several storeys; together they form a broad U-shape. The canteen, with its typological echoes of classical temples, contrasts with the other architecture in the ensemble, which primarily emphasises vertical extension. It stands alone in a clearing in the verdant grounds.