Bethanien Monastery
Außenansicht Kloster mit Kapelle
Hofansicht Kloster

Bethanien Monastery

LocationDomänenstr. 98, D-54295 Trier
ClientBenedictusverein GmbH
Building periodplanned
ProcedureCompetition 2016, 1st Prize

The competition entry for the Bethanien monastery in Trier is based on a trio of variations on the courtyard typology. The ensemble, made up of three buildings, each wrapped around an internal courtyard, is conceived as an architectonic whole, yet clearly underscores the differentiated definition of the buildings as part of the monastery or as residential space. The new monastery is made up of a former outbuilding and a new building, together enclosing a calm inner courtyard. This is configured as a cloister and, with its introverted flair, is reserved exclusively for members of the monastic order. Four self-sufficient residential communities are grouped around the courtyard. In the existing historic building, the chapel, identified by a tower-like elevation, creates a transition between monastery life and the public realm. The older monastery building will be integrated into the two new residential buildings.