Haus Pfeilsticker
Seitliche Gartenansicht

Haus Pfeilsticker

LocationJägerstieg 33, D-14532 Kleinmachnow
Building period1996–1998
ProcedureDirect commission

In this detached family home in Kleinmachnow on the outskirts of Berlin, inspiration for the terraced design came from its location on a corner: towards the public crossroads, the house is higher, with the stepped structure descending towards the garden and the neighbouring plot of land to the north.The dual-wing layout of the ground floor is closed off by a terrace set in front of the wings to form a square. This opens up into an L-shape on the first floor, subsequently assuming the form of a closed square again at the attic level.  The design is informed by a logic of subtraction: a cube made out of Lüneburg clinker was grade cut and perforated gradually by orthogonal incisions, positioned to reflect specific locations and functions.

photography: Wilmar König