Grünhof Site
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Ansicht Hof
Grünhof Areal Grundriss

Grünhof Site

LocationBadenerstrasse, CH-8004 Zürich
ClientAllreal Generalunternehmung AG
Building period2018–2021
VolumeGFA 11.000 m²
ProcedureCommissioned studies 2013

The design for the Grünhof Site in Zurich is based on densification within a perimeter block. The entire urban design form creates an intriguing dialogue with the existing architecture around the perimeter of the area. The new building is connected to the edge of the block by means of an alleyway and is composed of staggered-height storeys on the courtyard-facing side. The meandering structure of the architecture creates an array of new squares and planted areas, connected by pathways. “Living among the courtyards” is a motif reflected in the floor plans for the 78 residential units, which are designed as “double-aspect apartments” and equipped with generously proportioned terraces and loggias.