Ansicht von der Heidestraße
Gesamtansicht vom Kanal


LocationHeidestraße 14, D-10557 Berlin
ClientCA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Building period2016–2019
VolumeGFA 26.000 m²
ProcedureCompetition 2013, 1st Prize

Construction Sites 11 and 12 of the new Europacity at Berli­n’s Main Station form a continuous block. The overall impression stems from the combination of multiple urban utilisations expressed in the character of the individual structures. Linked by a base section with retail units, residential dwellings of various sizes and segments are created, modelled on the long-established structure of Berlin Gründerzeit tenements. The most prestigious building in the block forms a seven-storey protective slab and “corner-stone” on Heidestraße. The perimeter construction’s signature physiognomy is rooted in the marked plasticity of multiple recessed areas within the built volumes. The section known as the Sammlerloft, or Collector Loft, rises high above the edge of the block as a dominant urban design feature, establishing a link to the nearby Hamburger Bahnhof museum.