Ettlinger Tor

Ettlinger Tor

LocationD-76133 Karlsruhe
ClientCity of Karlsruhe
ProcedureWorkshop 2020, 1st prize

With the aim of reuniting Karlsruhe Neustadt and the Old Town, the design places the urban restructuring of the area around Ettlinger Tor in a larger context. The fragmented, different concepts that have so far characterized the urban space at this point are given a coherent connection. The „new“ Ettlinger Tor forms a culmination point at the intersection of Via Triumphalis and Kriegsstraße and becomes the urbanistic link between the new and old town. With different public uses, two new gate houses are programmatic for the development of the quarter into a lively center. As part of differentiated block edge figures with a common base, the two towers fit into the grown urban structure. Their main cultural significance for the revitalization of the quarter is expressed in the architectural design. Typologically, they follow the characteristic buildings on the market square, the town hall and the town church, and with their open, pergola-like façade structure reflect their function as cultural buildings and public places. With roof gardens, green facades, recesses and loggias, the architecture conveys the special atmosphere of a green gate to the city.