Haus Kalmitstraße
Blick vom Pool zur Arkade
Ansicht Anbau
Kräutergarten hinter dem Anbau

Haus Kalmitstraße

LocationMannheim Lindenhof
Building period2016-2018
VolumeGFA 300 m²

The extension of Haus W in the green southern part of the Lindenhof district of Mannheim applies Max Dudler’s sculptural approach to a detached house from the 1930s. With an entrance on the first floor and a ground floor that opens out to the garden, the house connects the different levels of plot and street. The extension embraces these differences in height and accentuates the original, solitary appearance of the house. Elements added over the years have been removed and an additional construction of exposed concrete created. This extension adjoins the original building at the ground floor level, providing a setting for the house while at the same time lending structure to the outdoor area. A sequence of outdoor spaces – the terrace, staircase, pergola and pool – extends along the boundaries of the plot. The terrace functions as a kind of foyer to the representative garden, which is framed by the new elongated space beneath the terrace and the pergola. The pergola continues the facade design of the living areas, creating a rhythmic sequence of angular columns. Projecting into the garden, the pool is the culmination of the sculptural whole. The sequential rhythm is reflected in the extension’s interior, a long space divided into kitchen, dining area and living area.