Extension of Federal Council
Ansicht Leipziger Strasse
Ansicht Innenhof

Extension of Federal Council

LocationLeipziger Straße 2, D-10117 Berlin
ClientBundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (MImA)
Building periodPlanning stage
VolumeGFA 19.400 m²
ProcedureCompetition 2014, 1st Prize

The extension on Leipziger Straße 2 closes the last remaining gap between Leipziger Platz, now almost entirely rebuilt, and the imposing 1904 Bundesrat building by Friedrich Schulze-Kolbitz. Seeking to ensure architectural continuity—in other words, linking past and present—the new building mediates between the temporal poles of Neoclassicism and contemporary architecture. The plasticity and strong use of relief in the natural stone facade of the existing architecture is continued in a contemporary vein in the new design. The extension appropriates and transforms certain features of the context: the massive configuration of columns in the Bundesrat is echoed while at the same time its monumentality is disrupted. The public area accommodates a café, conference rooms and a library, grouped around the central light-filled atrium. The cafe is “enthroned” above the arcaded passage, with stairs providing a separate entrance.