Alte Sihlpost Zurich
Blick von der Dachterrasse zur Pädagogischen Hochschule
Gasse zwischen der Alten Sihlpost und der Pädagogischen Hochschule
Sanierter Turm der Alten Sihlpost
Außenansicht Kasernenstraße

Alte Sihlpost Zurich

LocationKasernenstraße 95/97, CH-8004 Zürich
ClientSBB Immobilien – Development
Building period2014–2015
VolumeGFA 21.000 m²
Procedurecommissioned study 2006, 1st prize

The Alte Sihlpost, built in 1929 by the Bräm brothers, is an icon of Neues Bauen in Zurich. Its prominent location and distinctive tower give it a key role as an anchor and architectural symbol of the new quarter being created on Europaallee. The conversion project has largely preserved the fabric of this listed building. The volumes and materials of the new entrances added on the ground floor reference the existing structure, yet can still be read as contemporary interventions. The hallmark concrete facade with its tight-knit rhythmic piers and windows, now freshly renovated, is complemented by an inner window layer in metal. Subtle chromatic adaptations create a slightly altered look for the facade, bridging tradition and modernity. In the interior the stairwell opens up to visitors as an airy vertical space, now connecting all the floors and replacing the existing lifts. A new lift shaft in béton brut forms the back wall of the existing stairwell.  The ground floor is still used as Zurich’s Central Post Office, a role now supplemented by restaurants, cafés and shops. The intermediate roof level has been converted into an open-access terrace.