Haus Hopp
Atelier und Wohnhaus bei Dämmerung
Atelier- und Wohnhaus bei Dämmerung

Haus Hopp

LocationGunta-Stölzl-Straße 1, D-99425 Weimar
ClientJohanna and Vollrath Hopp
Building period2000–2003
VolumeGFA 260 m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

The atelier ensemble Haus Hopp is part of a model housing development “Neues Bauen am Horn” (New Building on the Horn) in Weimar. It consists of two black monolithic structures, with the street-oriented side serving as an atelier and the rear-facing structure as the residential building. The garden extends between the opposite, almost identical façades and can be used as a “green room”. Via a linear access axis, the studio, garden and the residential building are linked to each other all the way up to the roof terrace, and form a spatial and functional unit. The interiors are characterised by lightness and are plastered white. All available space has been optimised down to the smallest detail with built-in furniture.