Quartier Poststraße

Quartier Poststraße

LocationPoststraße, 69115 Heidelberg
ClientCity of Heidelberg
VolumeBGF 62.650 m²
ProcedureCompetition, recognition

The design for the Poststraße quarter envisages an urban reorganization of the heterogeneous neighborhood. Between the small-scale buildings in the north and the larger-scale residential and commercial buildings in the south, an urban, clearly structured cityscape of sculptural volumes emerges. Along the traffic axis leading to Adenauer Platz, we are creating a porous urban structure with increasing public use, vibrant mixed functions, and growing density. In the east, the volumes enclose an elevated square, accessible from all directions via alley-like stairs. The existing 10-story high-rise on the southeast side of the square is further developed through a wooden structure. Its volume recedes from the street, creating a public forecourt that significantly enhances the quality of stay. Repurposed as a residential high-rise, it would be the first of its kind in Heidelberg. With its distinctive presence at the intersection of several neighborhoods, it becomes the starting point and center of a newly developed urban district. The centerpiece of the new quarter is the new park, which acts as a large green space positively impacting the microclimate of the neighborhood and providing lively amenities for the public with areas for sports, leisure, and childcare.