Children and Youth Theatre

Children and Youth Theatre

LocationD-89073 Ulm
ClientCity of Ulm
ProcedureCompetition 2020, 1st prize

The design complements Ulm’s original theatre by adding a new children’s and youth theatre and extending the existing venue. The cubature of the new building is composed of two volumes, separated and joined by a gap. As an urban ensemble that brings together old and new sections, the architecture reflects the distinct identities of the two theatres and at the same time unites them with a gesture of friendship. At the heart of this design, both theatres open up broadly into a roof garden, turning the quintessential gap into a space of encounter. With its multi-layered roof structure, the striking join and the clear interplay of closed and open façade, the new component acquires a presence as an abstract monolithic sculpture. Approaching on foot, one is increasingly aware of the expressive material and detailed richness of the façade. The light-coloured bricks are woven into a fabric resembling the curtain as a pivotal element of any stage production. Like a veil that both conceals and reveals, the façade opens up at various points like a perforated wall, mediating between inside and outside and offering a selective glimpse of events.