Urban Q
Gestaffelte Kubatur im Westen

Urban Q

LocationCeller Straße, 30159 Hanover
ClientMeravis Urban Q GmbH
VolumeBGF 26.780 m²
ProcedureCompetition, recognition

With its vertical progression, Urban Q seamlessly intertwines with the established residential fabric to the south, while sculpting a discernible silhouette as a landmark along the verdant city ring to the north. Its articulated cubature is characterized by a cohesive and crisply delineated façade vernacular. Embracing the thoroughfare alignments, the building perimeters seamlessly integrate with the surrounding urban context. Toward the heart of the neighborhood, the structure gracefully cascades on its western aspect, ensuring optimal illumination for both forthcoming developments on adjacent parcels and the public promenades within the enclave. Embracing the western vista, verdant atria unfurl across varying elevations; the northern court, at street level, contrasts with its southern counterpart, aligned with the first story. Concluding with architectural finesse, a defined façade boundary along Herschelstraße imparts an urbanistic denouement to the neighborhood's eastern facade. The vertical pilasters gracefully articulate the façade, crafted from the quintessential local materiality of brown-red brick. Across standard storeys, these elements manifest as sculpted planes, while at the base, they dissolve into elegant portals. Nestled between these architectural elements lie recessed fields, housing a harmonious interplay of windows and solid closures. A seamless integration of continuous façade bands delineates the lower window embrasures, fostering a unified horizontal rhythm. Zoning delineations emerge through the juxtaposition of rational structural elements and expanses of generous fenestration. The dual functions of hotel and office are subtly underscored by variations in the width of the façade pilasters, imbuing the structure with a refined sense of purpose. At the ground level, a verdant inner courtyard, flanked by recessed main entrances, and an inviting passage, imbue the base zone with a sense of vitality. This passage serves as a sheltered pedestrian thoroughfare, seamlessly connecting the residential enclave to the west with Herschelstrasse to the east. Adorned with various commercial offerings, it pulsates with the energy of urban life. The entrances to the primary functions are strategically indented, ensuring their prominence within the architectural composition. The culmination of the tower is marked by a graceful addition of two combined storeys, seamlessly integrated into the structural framework through a robust timber construction. To ensure optimal acoustic insulation, the east façade, along with the corners of the south-east and north-east elevations, are executed in reinforced concrete, exemplifying a meticulous attention to both aesthetic and functional detail.