Quartier West
Zentraler Blick ins Quartier
Gasse im Inneren des Quartiers
Fassadendetail Hotelbau
Ansicht im Inneren des Quartiers

Quartier West

LocationGeorg-Ohm-Strasse 1, D-64283 Darmstadt
ClientGE4a Development Darmstadt GmbH
Building period2017–2019
VolumeBGF 16.410 m²
ProcedureStudy with direct commission

The two-part ensemble of offices and hotel blends into a neighborhood undergoing dynamic change—the Am Kavalleriesand district, located in the western part of Darmstadt within walking distance of the central station and the university. The vertically oriented volume of the hotel dovetails with the L-shaped office building, following its axis of alignment. The two volumes are thus clearly defined as an urban ensemble. Like a courtyard house open on two sides, it is traversed by a publicly accessible L-shaped space that can be entered from both sides. As an open structure, the ensemble connects with the urban surroundings, thus creating a high quality outdoor space in the developing neighborhood. The complementary uses of the two buildings add an interesting new element to the Rhine-Main technology location. To this end, the design creates a clear unit in the urban fabric – among other things, through the common idiom of the façades. The Portuguese limestone lends the building a light, highly sophisticated appearance. Large windows in deep recesses, their edges beveled on alternate sides, and large-format, suspended natural stone panels generate an abstract, sculptural effect in the outer shell and reinforce the monolithic character of the buildings.