Quartier Leineauen
zentraler Platz

Quartier Leineauen

LocationD-30519 Hannover
ClientWorld Investment Group
Building periodPlanning Stage
VolumeGFA: 28.100 m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

Rising on an areal measuring circa 15,000m² and set along the boundary between the city and partially urbanized suburbs is a mixed residential quarter. Located on Am Brabrinke in southern Hannover, the development features the benefits of urban life together with the attractiveness of a home embedded in natural surroundings. Consisting of an ensemble of eight buildings that contrast with one another in height and form, the quarter features an urban and a garden side. Within this formerly heterogeneous, undefined built environment, its architectural consistency conveys tranquility and clarity. Unfurling within the ensemble is a lively network of lanes, public squares, and private gardens, a stimulus to social integration in this car-free neighborhood. With their mixed uses, the two buildings facing Hildesheimer Straße open up the quarter toward the city, providing space for a new urban plaza to act as an entrée. The highpoint of the ensemble’s urban silhouette, an eleven-story tower, is situated at the center of the plaza. To the rear, six smaller freestanding buildings mediate between the urban structures along Hildesheimer Straße toward the east and the wildlife sanctuary of the Leineauen toward the west. Exclusively residential in character, they offer the special attraction of a lifestyle close to nature.