Nieuw Zuid

Nieuw Zuid

LocationNieuw Zuid, Antwerpen
ClientTriple Living NV, Antwerpen
Building periodUnder execution
VolumeGFA 63.500m²
ProcedureDirect commission

West of Antwerp’s old town, a new quarter, Nieuw Zuid, is under construction. The masterplan for the site, located on the banks of the River Schelde, was developed by Studio Secchio-Viganò together with the landscape architect BAS Smets. The arrangement of buildings follows the half-open block edge, crisscrossed by residential streets and small open spaces. Max Dudler’s building will be located on the banks of the river. An elongated and L-shaped structure, it will encircle a central square, which opens toward the Schelde River. The two juxtaposing building volumes are connected by the staircase motif, which they take in opposite directions. The floors of the flatter building cascade down in steps of leafy terraces towards the square, playing with the idea of the hanging gardens of Semiramis. In contrast, the elongated structure increases in height as it nears the new district. The vertical staggering of the 80-meter-high tower gives the impression of a reversed staircase, which is oriented towards the city centre. The sand-coloured stone façade covers the building structure like a grid. The external elements of the apartments are integrated into this open structure – each apartment has a balcony and a winter garden. Altogether, 300 condominiums and 2300 m² of office units will be created. Gastronomic and commercial units are located on the ground floors.