Museum of the 20th century
Grundriss Erdgeschoss

Museum of the 20th century

LocationPotsdamer Straße, D-10785 Berlin
ClientStiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
ProcedureCompetition 2016

The design for “The Museum of the 20th century” in Berlin’s Kulturforum aims to create an ensemble that weaves together the existing urban spaces—a (museum) city in the city.  The resulting urban setting, composed of three built volumes, conveys a sense of permeability while also generating distinctive spaces. At the same time, the structure balances the massing of Scharoun’s buildings, the New National Gallery and St. Matthew's Church, without overshadowing the iconography of each individual architectural statement. A central campanile pulls together the diverging elements within the Kulturforum, drawing the ensemble closer to the city. The three main volumes of the museum correspond to its three distinct areas of activity (the New National Gallery, the Museum of Prints and Drawings / Art Library, and the museum administration). The facade, in light-colored artificial stone pierced by regular openings, wraps around the three buildings like an ephemeral veil, fusing them into an abstract, calm form.