Hotel Quartier 65
Außenansicht von der Straße
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Hotel Quartier 65

LocationWormser Straße 65, D-55130 Mainz
ClientSchreeb GbR
Building period1999–2001
VolumeGFA 400 m²
ProcedureDirect commission

The small hotel building in Wiesenau near Mainz slots into the row of historical buildings set on the bank of the Rhine like an abstract sculpture of a house. Its street frontage is just six metres wide. With its perforated facade and triangular gable, it seems to symbolise an archetypal house, pared down to the absolute minimum. The complete absence of any ornamentation, coupled with the cladding in Portuguese granite, which also envelopes the roof surfaces, transforms the building into something akin to a sculpture. The ground floor is a foyer, reception, bar and breakfast room rolled into one; two rooms are accommodated on each of the three floors above.

photography: Ivan Nemec