Hotel Gothaer Platz

Hotel Gothaer Platz

LocationD-99094 Erfurt
ProcedureCompetition 2020, 3rd Prize

Prominently positioned at the western entrance to the city, the new hotel is clearly visible to arriving guests as a staggered structure with a high point directly on Gothaer Platz square. A building ensemble showcasing timeless sculptural architecture, the hotel will be an eye-catching prelude to the city of Erfurt. The building succeeds in being homogeneous and multifaceted at the same time: a coherent block is being created from the original two building plots, optically bound together by a common base. The various functions – hotel, office, shopping – are subtly denoted, but at the same time blend into a harmonious overall picture. Inner courtyards and building recesses provide rhythm and structure to the volume. Through the material and its reduced details, the relief façade seeks a dialogue with the surrounding brick buildings and develops a language that is appropriate to the location: both restrained and expressive. Horizontal bands and folded pillars, which vary in width as the height of the building increases, provide structure and emphasise the expressive verticality of the building. In the entrance areas, the folding extends deep into the building. On the top floor, it provides the building with its conclusion, subtly referencing the old town and the Gothic architecture of the cathedral.