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LocationHeidestraße 164, 80939 München
ClientHeide Grund GmbH & Co. KG; vertr.d. Sedlmayr Projektentwicklungs GmbH
Building periodim Bau
Volume169.000 m²

The urban competition to convert 48 hectares of a former barracks, the Bayernkaserne in northern Munich, was won by Max Dudler in 2014 along with Hilmer Sattler, AGS Garten and mahl.gebhard.konzepte. Heidepark is part of the project to convert this site into the new mixed-use residential quarter Neufreimann. Four construction plots will give rise to four rental housing complexes totalling 1,100 dwellings as well as complementary uses such as childcare, small businesses, restaurants and serviced apartments. The clear tectonic arrangement of the façades will create dialogue between the buildings. The use of different detailing and materials lends each block its own distinctive character and injects organic diversity into the quarter. The courtyard typology offers tenants the benefit of a peaceful outdoor environment where they can retreat from the urban bustle. Recessing and thoughtfully placed highpoints create differentiated cubatures, defining the public space in this newly emerging neighbourhood. Two central buildings frame an eastern piazza, a prelude to the car-free green boulevard that threads through the new district as an important site of encounter.