Main Post Office
Ansicht vom Bahnhof
Ansicht Bahnhofsplatz

Main Post Office

LocationBahnhofstraße, D-90443 Nürnberg
ClientProjektgesellschaft Nürnberg GmbH & CO KG
Building periodUnder execution
VolumeGFA 57.500 m²
ProcedureCompetition, 1st Prize

The square outside Nürnberg Central Station makes a fresh urban design statement thanks to the renovation of the remarkable Main Post Office Building, constructed in 1924 by Hans Weiß and Johann Kohl, along with the new construction projects on the adjacent plots. The building’s complex contiguous form dovetails with the historic circular building, creating a novel mise-en-scène of its dynamic form. Two high-rise towers are carefully positioned to extend the square and mark the entrance to an attractive downtown passage. At the same time, these new towers also create a gateway scenario for the historic centre, and lead into the local neighbourhood. This inviting gesture from the fledgling district is underscored by arcades facing onto the station square. A mix of uses including two hotels, flexible office space, retail, Deutsche Post/Postbank and restaurants enlivens the spacious areas of the new building.