Bibliothek TU

Bibliothek TU

LocationVogelpothsweg 76, 44227 Dortmund
ClientBau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
Building period2025–2029
Volume26.553 m²

With its precise geometry and clear monolithic form, the new-build for the university library at TU Dortmund will be a beacon for the campus. The fa­çade, where large windows are interspersed with light columns, conveys the public function of this building to the outside world. Located on the central avenue, the library is also an important pivot between public trans­port, the canteen bridge and the university departments. This underpins its dual role as a tranquil place for concentrated work and as a sociable meeting-place for students and teachers. The ground floor serves circula­tion and provides not only seating areas and seminar rooms, but also simple workstations for short stints. An open cascading stairway cuts upwards through the public space to the quieter study zones. The desks face the transparent façade, benefiting from the daylight and the view. The book-stacks are protected within the core. On the sixth and seventh floors above the library are the university’s student services and administrative offices. The outside space, defined by broad ramps with integrated steps and re­miniscent of an amphitheatre, is an inviting area for students to relax.