Areal Giessen Meilen
Pocketpark im Zentrum des Areals
Private Terrassen und Gärten
Innenraum mit bodentiefen Fenstern

Areal Giessen Meilen

LocationBergstraße, CH-8706 Meilen
ClientOdinga AG
Building period2010–2013
VolumeGFA 15.000 m²
Procedurecommissioned study 2005, 1. Preis

This residential development in Meilen demonstrates that there is no contradiction between exclusive privacy and density when designing a residential estate. The ensemble is conceived as an "urban island", with ten houses offset within a checkerboard pattern in a rectangular field. Placing the buildings at an angle and deploying a terraced arrangement on this sloping site ensures that all 34 flats enjoy a view of the lake. The hallmark of this new residential quarter is its compact urban planning, characterised by the subtle interplay of narrow alleyways and generously proportioned semi-public open spaces. By combining large-format concrete blocks and hewn natural stone, the facade generates an intriguing contrast between smooth and textured finishes and between natural and artificial surfaces. 50 years after the renowned Halen Estate (Atelier 5), the project reveals how ingenious urban planning concepts can respond to the challenge of ever increasing urban sprawl.