Transformer Station
Außenansicht Hauptportal
Innenhof mit Rundbau
Innenraum Rundbau
Abspannwerk Wilhelmsruh
Seitliche Außenansicht

Transformer Station

LocationKopenhagener Straße 83-89, D-13407 Berlin
ClientROSCO Unternehmensgruppe
Building period2004–2008
VolumeGFA 8.900 m²
ProcedureCompetition 2004, 1st Prize

The 1925 Wilhelmsruh transformer station by Hans Heinrich Müller in Pankow / Berlin has been re-developed in keeping with conservation considerations and adapted to make it fit for purpose as a modern office and commercial building. The design preserves much of the existing historical fabric of the buildings. Post-conversion, the interventions emerge clearly as a new architectural stratum. Wherever possible the building’s structure, shaped by the technological imperatives of its previous utilisation, has been re-interpreted, with additions incorporated to accommodate the Vattenfall IT-Services offices. In keeping with the user’s requirements, the space has been divided into individual offices, large open-plan office space and combined-use areas.