Café Malatesta
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Ansicht Innenraum Café
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Café Malatesta

LocationCharlottenstrasse 59, D-10117 Berlin
ClientMalatesta GmbH & Co.KG
Building period2002
VolumeGFA 340m²
ProcedureDirect Commission

The restaurant Malatesta is located on the ground floor of Block 205 at the Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, which was designed by O.M. Ungers. Through spatial cubic furniture, the room describes a sharply delineated L, whose ends are equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, optically doubling the room depth. The colour palette is dominated by black, ranging from the floor-to ceiling furniture as well as the tables and chairs (from Max Dudler’s Black Monday furniture line). Only the red bar sets a colour accent. The tables and chairs are arranged in two long parallel rows. The large glass façade and the mirror mounted on the opposite wall allow guests to look out onto the Gendarmenmarkt from every seat. In turn, a touch of the square’s urban atmosphere pervades the restaurant.