Max Taut Auditorium
Eingangsbereich bei Dämmerung
Seitliche Gebäudeansicht vom Hof
Eingangshalle in der rekonstruierten Farbgebung von Max Taut
Innenansicht der Aula in der rekonstruierten Farbgebung von MaxTaut

Max Taut Auditorium

LocationFischerstraße 36, D-10317 Berlin
ClientSenatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Berlin
Building period2002–2007
VolumeGFA 5.150 m²
ProcedurePeer review 2002, 1st prize

The Max Taut Auditorium is part of the Max Taut School built by Max Taut in Berlin-Lichtenberg between 1929 and 1932. The building, one of the largest reform school buildings of the Weimar Republic, was badly damaged in the Second World War and was a ruin for more than 50 years. The auditorium was carefully restored and technically equipped for a multifunctional usage concept. The auditorium seats 800 and can be reduced in size by dividing walls. The event technology allows for use of the auditorium as a public gallery or as a hall. In addition, a small library and a small caféteria have been created in the foyer. The colour concept is based on the building’s original colour scheme.