Soyuz Moskau, Sicht von der Straße
Soyuz Moskau, Ansicht mit Freiflächen


LocationLuzhnetskaya naberezhnaya 2/4, 119270 Moscow
ClientAbsolut Development Moscow
Building periodplanning stage
VolumeGFA 211.324 m²
ProcedureCompetition, 1st Prize

The newly developed Soyuz Quarter is located at the intersection of two of Moscow’s principal axes – the Moskva River, which arcs its course through the city, and the Third Ring Road, characterised by numerous representative residential buildings in the Socialist Classicist style. The contemporary architectural language of this new mixed-use quarter derives from a subtle translation of the local Moscow building tradition. Through the rhythm of its volumes, the visual language of its facades and its materiality, the design aims to establish continuity with the historical city. With its urban transformation, the area will become an impetus for further development in the western part of central Moscow. A one-storey colonnade will frame the new quarter, becoming a protective division between public and private space while at the same time clearly communicating its permeability. The differentiated architectural language of the individual facades evolves from the rhizome-like arrangement of the ensemble, whose 12 buildings are divided into three typological groups. All facades communicate with each other using a shared vocabulary. In this way – as a figurative entity – the quarter is set to become a defining aspect of Moscow’s city silhouette. Only on closer inspection do the subtle repetitions and geometric variations within the abstract, sculpturally formulated design become visible.