Lecture hall

Lecture hall

LocationCampus University of Bremen
ClientFreie Hansestadt Bremen
ProcedureCompetition, 2nd Prize

With its precise geometry, clear, monolithic form and its focussed positioning within the urban space, the new lecture hall and event centre of the University of Bremen will serve as the future hub of the educational campus. With its façade made up of glass and light-coloured columns, it communicates its public purpose within the campus to the outside world. The cubic prism forms a conscious contrast to the largely multi-unit architectural concept of the surrounding district, with its compact form, lending a framework to the structural environment, and thus anchors the surrounding buildings and promotes their interplay. In terms of urban planning, the HVZ also acts as a mediator between different height levels. The newly designed hilltop area of the current examination office sets the scene for the building, links the boulevard with the street level and at the same time opens up a new attractive outdoor space at the heart of the university quarter. With its open portico-like façade, the design extends the public space into the interior of the building. The colonnade, which surrounds the auditorium, lends the building its openness and transparency, and opens up a basic space for communication that is so fundamental for a conference and seminar building.