Das Ensemble

Architecture Prize Wine

The Cantzheim Winery in Kanzem an der Saar was awarded the Architecture Prize Wine 2022 by the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects.

From the jury's statement:

"Against the impressive scenic backdrop of the vineyards on the Saar, the listed manor house dating back to 1740 is brought out as a solitaire in its original appearance and at the same time in a new timeline. [...] On the one hand, the orangery and the coach house, with their smaller volumes, take a back seat in terms of the building structure, and on the other hand, with their clear, axially symmetrical basic form and archetypal language, they provide a self-confident, modern, architectural response. [...] The independence of both new buildings is an expression of their self-image and at the same time a symbol of their location in their special context.