Fassadendetail im Sockelbereich


The N10 Schwabinger Tor Munich received the Natural Stone Prize in the category “single-family and multi-family houses” in 2018.

Jury statement:
The 14-storey tower is a landmark for a new and lively section of the city to the north of Munich's city centre, and visible from afar. The building impresses with its calm, almost archaic aura. Abstraction as a basic design tool is taken so far that the window frames are also concealed, leaving only stone and glass visible. The mounted façade presents not only the structural grid to the outside, but also provides depth and plasticity through the sloping embrasures and the loggias, etched into the building structure. The alternate use of sloping embrasures endows the façade with a rhythmic quality, fitting for a residential building. The light tone of the limestone blends well into the urban context of Munich. The façade is also convincing in its detail. The different surface finishes of the sloping and flat surfaces make clever use of the qualities of the natural stone and emphasise the three-dimensional appearance of the façade. The precision finish provides ample evidence of the highest quality in planning and execution.