Ansicht mit neuer Platzanlage


The reception building Drägerwerk received a special award in the “detail” category at the “German Brick Awards 2017”.

Jury statement:
The distinguished “red” administration building in the southwest of Lübeck’s historic centre is a definite enhancement to this redbrick town, rich in history, as well as some more recent brick buildings. Worth noting here is the way the façade of the skeletal structure was handled. The new headquarters reaches for the sky with its eight-storey brick columns on this newly established site. The powerful columns have sharp outward edges, lending them a delicate appearance, while heightening the light effect along the bevelled brick surfaces of the building. On the two top floors, the façade and glazing folds fan-like into itself, producing interesting reflections, thus cleverly crowning this accomplished ensemble’s elevated corner. This ambitious administration building succeeds in creating a visible historical analogy to Lübeck’s architectural heritage and the company’s long history, at the same time providing an impressive documentation of the company's forward-thinking approach.